The Mystic’s Path of Self-Knowledge


“It is sometimes said that at the heart of all spiritual traditions, we find essentially the same values of love, virtue, and altruism. However, one notion consistently resurfaces even more prominently in the discourse of the greatest mystics throughout history: self-knowledge. Far beyond a mere psychological endeavour, the path of personal revelation remains enigmatic. Aside from our physical forms, our tragedies, ecstasies, and opinions, what else is there to know? Do we simultaneously inhabit multiple worlds, and if so, how do we inquire into our subtlest aspects? Does this bewildering quest inexorably lead us to redefine our own concept of reality?

Facing the turbulence of our era, many of us are plagued by a growing sense of confusion. However, this feeling serves as an ideal starting point for the pursuit of self-knowledge, as it facilitates the emergence of the mystic’s inquisitive spirit. By exploring oneself through the filters of philosophy, meditation, art, psychology, and divination, the introspective adept exposes themselves to their profound nature. It is through this journey that Zinfaendel, along with Dominic Vallée, invites you to the exciting discovery your true bearings, roots, and identity.”

Zinfaendel book cover

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