NEW Podcast interview: AEON BYTE

On the eve of my birthday, I’ve had the honour of being interviewed by the great Miguel Conner and his clever co-host Vance “The Moondog” Socci. It was published 18 days later, on July 24th, marking my first ever interview/podcast appearance.

I was overjoyed and giggly, and lost sleep for 18 days worrying about dumb shit I might have said… but all in all, it was a fun interview and the public response is very encouraging. Listen to the episode on your preferred platform following the links below.

I’m always looking for occasions to share my work. If you have your own podcast or platform and would like to have me on, contact me. And if you love what you heard during that interview and would like to hear more, recommend me as a guest to your favourite hosts.

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

View website’s episode page here, or listen on these platforms: