Hi! How cool that you’re visiting this website!

This is the first of hopefully many posts. In these, you will find essays, announcements, interviews and whatever I feel worth sharing.

Chances are that you don’t know me yet, and so a nice place to do so might be the About section (see menu at the top of the page). That said, here’s a quick intro:

You already know my name. It’s basically everywhere on this page. Other than that, I kind of call myself a mystic, that is, someone who is living in coherence with his unending quest for gnosis. I have written and published a book on this approach to life, an essay called Zinfaendel: The Mystic’s Path of Self-Knowledge, which you can learn more about (and purchase) here. I have also been a musician for about 30 years. I used to play professionally. Nowadays, I mostly play ambient music, although my head is always buzzing with ideas. I also do graphic and motion design, illustration and video editing, which you can see examples on an instagram account dedicated to my experiments (@_nanajoo).

I’m a big proponent of the DIY spirit, mostly because I enjoy doing things from A to Z. Although I hope to one day work with other, basically all that you’ll find on here has been created by me.

As I’m not one to utter the phrase “we don’t have a choice” easily, I’m still internally debating whether I’ll feed the machine, err I mean, if I’ll create any social media accounts. I may do so not for content, but simply for news and to alert people of anything related to my work. We’ll see.

Well that’s it for now! Enjoy your visit and… live your Light!

PS: Picture taken by the talented Josée Lecompte.